I have done the nature's secret ultimate cleanse--can be purchased at any health food store. It is an herbal/fiber cleanse. You can eat normal (healthier is better), but should be done when you can be home (close to the toilet, and in private--if you know what I mean). It will clean you out. I have even done it on a 3 day weekend. Since I eat healthier now, it doesn't take very long to complete. I would be careful with an all liquid cleanse. They can be dangerous, if not supervised. How about all veggies, whole grain carbs and water/tea for a week? Eliminate or cut down on dairy, preservatives, sugar, caffeine, meat or bad fats, for a cleanse. There are great books out there. I recommend Marilu Henner's Total health Makeover (No laughing. It is actually excellent--I researched many of her ideas afterwards and it is very thorough) or Detox Solution by Patricia Fitzgerald.
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