Lemon juice and hydrogen perioxide (mixed together, sprayed on) during the spring of eighth grade. I was determined to lighten my dark brown hair, and my parents wouldn't let me dye it or apply Sun-In so I made my own.
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My brother did that when he was younger, and it turned his hair orange. Did the same happen to you? I bet your parents were thrilled.

I'm one of those who happily slathers KY jelly in her hair every day, so I guess that's pretty weird. I also love mixing honey with my conditioner, and I ellicited all kinds of weird looks from people who were observant enough to notice the jar of honey that I kept in my shower (I don't keep it there anymore. My apartment had ants everywhere when I first moved in, so I try not to keep sugary foodstuffs in the bathroom these days.)

I think the worst thing I ever managed to do was somehow slather an entire potato in my hair when I was little. Don't ask me how or why I did it, I only remember that it took forever to wash out and that my mother was furious.