I'm thinking about (just thinking at this point) using monistat 2% cream on my scalp as a hair growth aid. Other than that -- sulfur-infused oil, honey, acv, coconut milk, aloe vera (not all together).
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What's in the monostat that is supposed to be good for hair growth? And where did you learn about this --well, I guess on NC, but from whom?

Yesterday I thought KY jelly was as far as we could take this, but I guess I was wrong!
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No, my vajayjay hasn't been transplanted to the top of my head I've been reading threads on other hair boards. As far as I can see the topic dates back 4 years. This product was on 2 black hair forums and it intrigued me, the anti-fungal aspect. I then googled it. The thinking was any OTC product with miconazole nitrate 2% . I'm trying it in pubic area topically to see what happens. It's the 7-day one, so I'll use it for a week.
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