I wash with conditioner just about daily. Right now, I'm using Suave's Humectant to wash and will add some Epsom salt if my scalp feels itchy. Then I condition with a mixture of Elucence, VO5 MM Strawberries and Cream and sometimes a little honey. The last couple of weeks, I've been rinsing just a few seconds and using this as a leave-in as well.

On the weekends, I'll try and use up some of my other conditioners either to wash or condition, just to get rid of them. I'm modified CG as some of my stuff (stylers included) have a cone in them, but my hair responds well to cones.

I haven't use shampoo (regular or sulfate-free) since April. The only time I did was when I got my hair re-highlighted and that had to be done to get the dye off my scalp. What was interesting is that it took about a week for my hair to get back to normal !
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