AmyV,beleive me the vitamins have helped my hair to grow faster since taking them last year,I'm about 4 inches from waist length when stretched.I've been on prescribed meds. since 1997 when I cut my waist length hair to a short bob,my hair grew back to my shoulders and stayed there until last year when I started popping the vitamins.Here's what I take: 5mg. of Biotin,2,000mgs. of MSM,3,000and something mgs. of Fish and Flaxseed Oils,1300 mgs. of Inositol,500mgs. of VitaminC,Centrum,and Calcium supplements for my bones.I'm still on alot of prescribed meds.,but I know the vitamins helped because my hair is much longer.HTH
3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years