I use DevaRed Low-poo and Cream of Nature red label. I co-wash only sometimes too. I looooove suds though. If I feel the need in the future, as I've been using certain cones, I will use EO Clarifying French Lavender 'poo. It does not use traditional sulfates, but sodium coco-sulfate which is supposed to be gentle. Long as I condish afterwards, it's nice. It smells fantastically lavendery!

I CW with Devacurl No Poo or Suave Coconut Conditioner and once a week or every 2 wks I use Low Poo or Jessicurl HCC. Once a month I try to clarify using Ouidad Moisturizing Shampoo and/or ACV rinse. I would like to try the CoN in the future. Which one would you recommend for my 3b/c hair?
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Ladydancing, honestly I have noticed no difference in the different formulas of CoN, but I use the Normal formula (white bottle, red label) unless I can't find it, then I'll use any formula. I'm 3b/c.
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