Do you guys really 'tame' your hair for an interview? I would never do that. I believe they should hire you no matter what your hair looks like. If they judge you on your hair, are they really worth it? I don't think so.

I always let my hair down when I have an interview, also i'm not planning on doing updo's when i get the job.

But i guess that's just me. (I have an attitude when it comes to my hair, i'm sorry)
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I guess it depends on the environment. I would tame it for an interview if it was humid and hot. While I love my curls, they can get crazy in the humidity. I don't want an interviwer thinking that my frizzy humid day hair is my norm. Also, if it were for an industry that demanded a tamer look, I'd consider it.

I did have my last interview with my hair down and big. Well, it's almost always big. I still got the job. I wear updos at work sometimes to change things up or due to the weather. My neck can get hot.

Unfair as it is, some places prefer "tame". Boring, yes. Unfair, yes. That is how some industries are.
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