Do you guys really 'tame' your hair for an interview? I would never do that. I believe they should hire you no matter what your hair looks like. If they judge you on your hair, are they really worth it? I don't think so.

I always let my hair down when I have an interview, also i'm not planning on doing updo's when i get the job.

But i guess that's just me. (I have an attitude when it comes to my hair, i'm sorry)
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I don't tame/alter the texture but I prefer to keep it out of my face and "neat" as opposed to all over the place. It's a very annoying feeling to me to have to keep swinging and throwing my hair around so I can see w/out tripping over things and drive w/out being blinded.

Besides, I think these styles are gorgeous and are a beautiful way to showcase one's hair...not an attempt to hide one's hair.