I think 'tame' was the wrong word. More like keep it out of my face and if we're having a 'humid' day (for us anything over 20%) it is still settling into the curly all the time. I guess I am thinking maybe more control? I could just be not using the right words (which happens to me at times).

The interviews at the university labs were not a big deal, but at least one is in the legal field, so it just needs to stay out of my face. I often have an 'attitude' about my curls also...I spent so many years fighting them. I've also noticed that when I am going to some interviews (I'm 47) some people are intimidated by the curls. (Which is stupid...they really should be intimidated by the BRAIN under the curls).

But I also want to promote a professional image...my boss is interviewing for a new executive admin (I'm temp and not interested in permanency here) and I am seeing some women walk through that door that do NOT make a good impression. (although I do wish I had the legs of the financial controller interviewee in the leather miniskirt....) And I am seeing that if your hair is at least under control, then it is a better impression. I've seen some straighties come in here that had totally out of control hair and I've decided that it makes no diff if your hair is curly, straight or somewhere between, it does have to look reasonably neat or people can't see past it.

One of my factors these couple of weeks is that the temp is in the 90s and no A/C in my car...so I also need to arrive w/o looking melted or messy.


PS_-thanks for suggestions so far.
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