I have fine, 3a hair. It's short - about jaw length . I'm having some success with CO washing with Suave Naturals Melon & Cucumber. Then, for styling, I mix a tiny pea-size amount of honey with a quarter size blob of pure aloe vera gel (I use CVS brand - it's clear and has no added menthol or alcohols). I rub those together in my palms very, very well and then scrunch in hair. I use 3 tiny claw clips on top to give height. After 15 - 20 mins, I diffuse for a few minutes and then air dry the rest of the way. There's not too much crunch to scrunch out and I don't have too much frizz using that combo. The other nice thing is that it leaves my hair soft and seems to give it more volume. And the whole routine is really CHEAP!

I like the idea of putting some CK on first, before the AVG and honey, though - Since I have some, I may try that on real humid days.... Good luck with your hair - it's an adventure, isn't it??!!
fine, 3a hair; using Suave CO, trying to find right gel