Hopefully this will be the appropriate place to post this. I read the eurocurly thread on the main hair board and wanted to help but felt a little overwhelmed. Would it still help to have someone in the US sending you stuff? Are you all happy with using www.expresshairandbody.com ? CurliLocks, I know you've mentioned a) sending stuff out to other eurocurlies and b) that you can use the US Postal system just as if you were physically in the states - does that apply to people sending stuff to you?

In other words I'd like to help if it's possible to send to one or two central places (I think I'd get overwhelmed otherwise), and if you all still need the help. On the other hand, maybe CurliLocks, if she's still willing to do that, can get stuff from that website just as cheaply as I can send it. LMK.