Kimberly, your hair looks awesome :dance:dance.gif ! Love the second day hair pics. Your hair has become amazing since before finding

I almost could have had second day hair today if I'd played around with it. But, being Saturday, it was experiment day . I wanted to try plopping again and I SO want to like Aura Hypo-allergenic gel. I still can't get the root lift on the top of my head like most people can from plopping. I did upload some new pics of various products from experiments during the week.

Again, you're hair looks wonderful!
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Well, thank you I just looked at your updated pictures and your hair looks wonderul Isn't it always the day you are dying to try new things that your hair looks good when you wake up :P That is how it works for me I really like Abba weightless gel for root lift. Have you tried that? Sorry, if I should know this answer, but, I am forgetful