i had a consultation at a tigi salon a few months ago and was SO sceptical about the girl's ability that i made an excuse of having to look at my diary to see when i could make an appointment and NEVER going near there again.

for a start, she wanted to cut loads off the length of my hair (you know, you really should get a good few inches off) - for all the things my hair is, the one thing it isn't is split... and, i don't know, i just got a really bad vibe from her.

i also had a dreadful experience at terence renati on the kings road. never go there.

i had an ok cut at pacific hair artists in knightsbridge, but she didn't dry it very well and put LOADS of silicone serum into it - it felt horrible.

so i'm still looking...

curlilocks, that would be great if you could get some recommendations...