Sorry to get everyone's hopes up. I called my stylist and she doesn't really have any recommendations. She hasn't practiced in the UK for several years, and says from what she remembers they all want to relax or braid all curlyheads! So sorry!

But I do have some info for Frederika -
Sandy does not have curly hair. She has very short straight hair. But she listens to what you say and doesn't want to straighten all curlies! I have 3b+? hair, and she does a great job w/mine. I don't know that she "specializes" in curlies, but there are lots of us that go to her. Her salon is right outside of Kaiserslautern (in the Rheinland-Pfalz area). Her salon info:
Sandy's Hairstyling Salon
tel: 49 - 631-90606 (country code 49)
Hours: M 1330-1700; TU-FR 0800-1800; SA 0800-1230

Maybe if you make an appointment and let me know, I can take you there or go w/you. It might be hard to find on your own. E-mail me if you're interested in my help to get there. Let me know.