I have good luck with re:coil. I have also used some Alagio curl cream and Biotera has a curl cream that you can get at Sally's that is not bad - kinda perfumey though. You could also try putting some conditioner in as a leave in too. I will also use Jessicurls CCSS (that is what I used today).I always have to use a cream under my gel.
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Thanks. I've tried leaving in conditioner as a leave-in and my hair hates it; I have to rinse every bit of it out. From what I remember, you have pretty fine hair, too, right? The creams don't take away your volume or weigh you down too much?
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I cannot leave in any conditioner at all either! I always have a cream under my gel and for some reason even with my fine hair it works. The new hair cut photos in my fotki I have CK then re:coil under Aloe/LA Looks Curl gel. Today I used the Biotera curl cream under the Biotera gel with good results. I always start with curl keeper though (well as of this week because I had run out of the CK and finally repurchased after about 3 months-I love the CK)
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