Why, why yes, Kimberly you should know the answer to the ABBA question .. I mean, there's only 50 other people for you to keep up with ... sheesh (I put two laughing emoticons just in case you can't see them!!)

I have used ABBA and love the lift. I think I've discovered part of the problem at my crown area .. I think my hair tends to dry forward as I'm diffusing upside down. Does that make sense? I'm thinking I should diffuse just a minute or two upside down, then right side up and tilt my head back. I've also used my other hair dryer with the sock diffuser over it and aimed it at the roots. Alot of time I get great lift, it's just my hair is still thin enough to see right through to my scalp. You can't see it as much in the pics as in real life.

Oh, and the reason I don't think I can get lift with plopping is with my hair being layered, the hair in back isn't long enough to create a kind of "cushion" for the hair on top of my head. Does that make any sense ?

Thanks for the ABBA rec, though .

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I try to keep a little better product use tally in my head of my fellow 2bers

Completely makes sense about diffusing. My hair dries kind of weird when I diffuse too; so, I have to make sure I only do the roots. I use the cool setting upside down for about 2-5 minutes. Then I tip my head to each side and back and do the same thing. Try that and it might work for you too. When I use the hot sox I get major frizz.

I had serious problems with plopping for awhile too; and, then I created my own version. I follow the twisting instructions but then I cross in front and wrap around and that has helped with the smooshed crown. I never have quite understood the great lift from plopping. It really only helps my curl formation and keeps it out of my way for a little while. I now diffuse as I described above after plopping. Maybe you could try this method of plopping and have better results; but, if it doesn't work for you don't try to make it work

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