So since starting CG I have become utterly obsessed with my hair and buying products. Just received my Devacare one conditioner on Thurs and was like an excited child. Had to buy the microfibre towel and turban, wide tooth comb, various gels and cowashing conditioners.
Thought I was all set ..then saw the thread today about the mouse/gel combo was like "I can use mouse on my hair... didn't know that ... why don't I own that mouse??". So I bought the HE SME mouse. (hides head in shame). I am starting to think I need therapy for this newly found hair obsession.
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Diagnosis: Product Junkie [prah-dukt JUNN-kee): A condition where one becomes very obsessed with buying products and trying new products even when she has found good ones that work. Results in overspending, constant urges to buy new stuff, and wanting to buy any new product one hears about. Extreme cases include purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in one trip/order and dreaming of products. No treatment is available at this time, but there are various support groups and other product junkie groups. Also known as PJ.

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