^ My "favorite" is when they stand, towering in front of you, grab two handfuls of hair on either side of your head, and ruffle you.

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OMG!! I hate that!!! All I can think is, there goes the 1hr I spent on my hair this morning...right out the window. Sigh. Silly straighties!
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LOL! I stopped over at my neighbor's house the other day while my hair was still damp and crunchy. She hadn't seen it before I scrunched the crunch out before and was very interested. I told her that it wasn't dry yet, so that I couldn't touch it - I need to wait to de-crunchify it. She just about had to sit on her hands to keep herself from it! She was so funny - holding her hands half way between her and I saying, "I wan't to TOUCH IT!" She cracks me up. And no, she didn't touch it!
If you focus on the negative not only is that what you'll see, that's what you'll be.