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Completely makes sense about diffusing. My hair dries kind of weird when I diffuse too; so, I have to make sure I only do the roots. I use the cool setting upside down for about 2-5 minutes. Then I tip my head to each side and back and do the same thing. Try that and it might work for you too. When I use the hot sox I get major frizz.

I had serious problems with plopping for awhile too; and, then I created my own version. I follow the twisting instructions but then I cross in front and wrap around and that has helped with the smooshed crown. I never have quite understood the great lift from plopping. It really only helps my curl formation and keeps it out of my way for a little while. I now diffuse as I described above after plopping. Maybe you could try this method of plopping and have better results; but, if it doesn't work for you don't try to make it work

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I know and I haven't seen kjwavy in a few days .. hope she's okay. She was waiting on tests results.

Yep, I agree with not understanding lift from plopping. I tried it this morning just for 15 minutes or so. Like you, I get good curl formation, but the front and top of my hair is just too smooshed. I bought me a little round brush today and figure I might do what some people call the 80's look .. kinda straight on top w/bangs and curly everywhere else.

Sounds like we diffuse the same way, too. I do the upside down thing, then side to side only I diffuse to about 80% or so. Then I try not to touch until I'm done putting on my makeup .
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