I don't have a problem at all with a little frizz. Depending on the style, a bit of frizz can add needed body, dimension, or character. It's part of the nature of curly hair- the word "frizzy" comes from the French for curly- "frisť". And it might surprise some people that most English-speaking straighties see the two words as somewhat synonymous, too.

I think we as curlies can get a little too caught up in it- we may have embraced our curls, but an obsession with achieving and maintaining frizz-free curls sometimes seems to have replaced the obsession with achieving and maintaining frizz-free straightened hair.
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I think this is a good point. I don't mind a little frizz, but I do find myself fighting it when it goes beyond my own persoanl acceptance level. I have to keep reminding myself that a natural 3b probably will have at least a little frizz somewhere, and that I'm not goinf to get uniformly shaped frizz free spirals like some ad where the woman has help from a curling iron and photoshop.

I am also far more tolerant of frizz in others than I am of my own frizz.
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