The verdict is still out on the coconut oil though. I have alot of products with this ingredient and it's fine, but there are some that have it and it hates them.
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I hear you! It's hard to pinpoint certain ingredients...aloe vera gave me the exact same problem coconut oil is giving you. It is still in that grey area for me. I can't just use it straight in my hair but it could also be the carbomer in the FOTE gel that my hair dislikes.... ...don't know for sure. In other products aloe seems fine.

I'm happy I've learned to listen to my hair on what it likes, it saves me money! Funny because I have always read labels on everything else (food, skincare..) but I never paid attention to my hair products. Haircare was so not important for me until I came to and you guys inspired me to find out my hair potential. I love NC!!!
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