I am not sure if I am sentive to proteins or not? I am not on CG, I wash my hair every day. Right now I am using a Natures Gate Poo. Basically what I think is happening with the condtioners is that they cause me frizz. I think it could be perhaps they are too much moisture? My hairdid real well with the Deva, I got great chunky curls but fly away frizz that does not seem to happen with other stuff.
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I'm pretty sure if you're shampooing, it would get out any protein build-up -
someone correct me if this is wrong

There is an ingredient called Stearalkonium Chloride that is in the majority of conditioners. This ingredient gives me frizz galore & makes my hair feel "coated" One of my most favorite conditioners for pure moisture is the Nature's Gate Herbal. A lot of the other flavors of NG have the above SC ingredient in them & I haven't even bothered trying them, but the Herbal gives me tons of moisture w/o weighing my hair down, & boosts my waves/curls.
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Yeah, I went off cg for a couple of months from portein issues. Shampoo gets it off.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.