I have been CG for almost a month and using Deva Curl products. I almost always get second day hair and occassionally pull it up on the 3rd day if I don't have anywhere to be. I use No-Poo to wash, One C, Angel and SIF. The last few times I have washed, my hair felf kind of "heavy", but my curls were looking great. They were starting to chunk. Today when it came time to wash, I felt that I just had to shampoo to get rid of what I figured was build up. Omg! I vow never again. My canopy was a frizzy mess. My DH looked at me when he came home and asked what happened to my hair. I was wondering what you use to get rid of the "gunky" feeling. I noticed some of you use VO5 Clarifying co for your Co-wash. Is there anything else you might recommend? I have relaxed, thick hair that is still very curly...but before CG was always very frizzy, especially in the back.