My hair loves: coconut oil (in moderation), proteins, honey, water soluble cones, oh & everything in EMBC.

My hair hates: lemonaid(too drying), glycerin (makes it pouffy), sulphates, alcohol.

Munequita wrote:
I'm happy I've learned to listen to my hair on what it likes, it saves me money! Funny because I have always read labels on everything else (food, skincare..) but I never paid attention to my hair products. Haircare was so not important for me until I came to and you guys inspired me to find out my hair potential. I love NC!!!
Just have to ditto this.
U.K curly

3A Curly Twirly.
Golden brown (coloured to cover grey).
Low poo: Dr Organic, L'Oreal Everpure.
Conditioner: Dr Organic Argan Oil.
Leave In: Aussie, Curl Harmony.
Gel: Curl Keeper Original, Umberto Gianni.