i guess i'm just frustrated with it. it's curly, yes, but it's kinda just hanging there...doesn't really have a style. i hate the length it's at, but i know i have to suffer through it to get past my shoulders...
i feel kinda frumpy.
i'm also worried now that my hair smells funny. not because it's not clean, but because of the combination of products i use...like the scents don't blend together well...i think the aveda elixir is the one that sticks out the most. and why do i worry about that? because my husband grabbed my hair one day, smelled it, and said "your hair smells funny!" and then he smelled it over and over to try to place the smell. i told him it must be the styling products. he said "well, it smells weird....i don't like it."
i don't want that! i want hair that smells yummy!
i want to be one of those girls that always has the nice smelling hair. the kinda smell that you can smell their hair all day long when you walk behind them. i love that kinda hair! all flowery and fresh!
i had it last week when i got my hair trimmed because they washed and conditioned my hair with the Matrix curl line. and honestly? i was tempted to buy it just because of that! i could catch wiffs of my hair, and it smelled so yummy!
i'm thinking about going and buying those and the styler just so my hair will at least smell yummy, if it won't LOOK yummy right now!
i'm so frustrated!!!!

i wish i had a camera so i could post a picture...no wait, i wish i had a camera with smell-o-vision so i could post pictures and you guys could all smell my hair!!!
it's basically the same as it was in the other pictures...just a lot longer...and flatter on the top layer....

HELP! :x
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....