[quote="itsjustmeghan"]i guess i'm just frustrated with it. it's curly, yes, but it's kinda just hanging there...doesn't really have a style. i hate the length it's at, but i know i have to suffer through it to get past my shoulders.[quote]

I really know how you are feeling! My hair is now to my shoulders, but before that I was growing out a short cut. You are going through that awkward growing out stage, but just hang in there! It will be long soon enough. I used headband and pretty scarfs to get me through that stage!

I can't help you with smells, but maybe just cutting out the Elixir will help!?? Maybe see if that's the culprit?

Congrats on ur first baby! That is so cute! You're gonna make a great mom! You are always so cute, funny and sweet when you post! I missed reading your posts since you haven't been around that much!
3a with 2c