spanish curls, thanks for asking! it went really well... she has lovely short frizz-free curls herself, and she did it really nicely. she cut it all one length at the back, with shorter bits around the front to break up any one-length monotony. she dried it in twists, didn't come near me with a hairdryer or brush, and it looked really good when it was finished!! this was the first time for about two years that i have walked out of a hairdressers 100% happy with the cut and finish. i would definitely recommend her.

i went out to a couple of parties last night, and EVERYONE i spoke to complimented my hair. i had complete strangers coming up to me and telling me how fab they thought it was. THAT is what i call a result!!

what really surprised me was that she only put 2 products on it (!) - aveda confixor while it was wet, and then a spot of anti-humectant pomade when dry. it looked great with that combo, but felt a little crunchy, and not as soft as usual, so i don't think i'll be giving up my bouncy creme just yet