How of then do you clarify Meg?

I was thinking that you might need something with some more hold. You say your curls often droop at the end of the day..

I am very interested in that Curls line too.. Maybe that would be something?

OR if you like that Matrix line so much why not just go fo it! No fun to have hair that smells weird.
(My hair never seem to smell from Elixir, but I do like the smell of that one too though so. It seems to mostly smell Angell, Low Poo or from that Nexxus clarifying shampoo.)

I had my hair cut the other day and I asked my hair dresser if my hair seemed healthy and she said it is very healthy. I wash my hair more often than most on this board, although not with sulfates. I use a clarifying shampoo liie every other week too. SO, maybe your hair can handle a little bit of Matrix shampoo?? It is no fun to smell and feel bad like that. Not worth it.