Congrats on ur first baby! That is so cute! You're gonna make a great mom! You are always so cute, funny and sweet when you post! I missed reading your posts since you haven't been around that much!
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thank you!! you are super sweet!! yeah...i've been pretty anti-social at home and on here! i'm SO tired at the end of the day i eat dinner and fall asleep!! hehehe. i'm sure i'll be buzzing all over the place too!

i think a lot of my frustration is with the length right now. i think once it gets past shoulders (which i'm hoping will happen sooner now because of this whole pregnancy thing!) i'll be a lot happier!

i tried jessicurl stuff. i LOVED the smell, but i couldn't get the products to work for me! i wish i could bottle up that smell and put it into every other hair thing i own, because it's SUPER yummy! i even emailed back and forth with jess to see what amounts she thought i should use. i loved her conditioner, etc. and while rockin ringlets gave me more curls, it also was VERY frizzy...maybe if i tried the RR or gelebration under my B&A it's bounce my curls enough to make me happier for a while! of course....that means i need to buy more because i swapped it all away!
hmmm...maybe i should see what the swap boards do for me!

kurlee & mayim-
i've been clarifying every other week lately. just seems my hair likes it that often. especially with me using creme of nature the other it needs to be cleaned really well every once in a while..and it bounces up pretty curly when i wash with that....that's why i was thinking maybe a weaker sulfate shampoo would help...i just don't want it to be dry like it was before when i was using the elucence shampoo all the time...

i know kurlee likes maisty traits shampoo...anyone else have success with this? i've never tried low-poo either...would that help?

thanks for the advise and the encouragement!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....