OMG! I am addicted to HP! Up until July, I had only seen the HP movies. OotP movie looked so intriguing to me that I decided it was time to read the whole series. I already had all the books in HB waiting to be read (I am an avid reader with many books in my queue). I also had DH on preorder since Feb. and was eagerly awaiting its release.

So in 6 1/2 weeks, I managed to read ALL 7 books. Each school year got better than the last. I didn't want to do anything else while reading them. I loved them so much that I immediately started to reread them, but this time on audio CD while I drive to work (long commute) and clean house (OH I love my iPod). This time I will be able to pick up all the little clues along the way. I have never before been sooo preoccupied by a book. Therefore I will have to say, that HP is my favorite book of all-time.

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