well thank goodness i've got someone to talk about this to!!!

ok, nick: sorry sam, i disagree. he was a rat. i agree that they're all obviously in it to win, but he was shamelessly lying to each of them - eg, to caroline 'i voted for two boys this week' when he had voted for her. and he did break major rules. AND he told so many lies. no. i felt real hatred towards that man and i really enjoyed seeing him chucked out. BUT i hear that some newspaper has offered him 70k for his story.. surprise...

i like irish farmer (tom) - i think he is quite considerate to others in the group. mel is really annoying me because of her endless flirting. she really fancies herself. she is playing with tom's emotions big time - he has admitted he fancies her and she just strings him along 'ooh, would you like to give me a massage?' grrr. and i think she really plays up to the camera.

and have you seen the new girl? how WEIRD!! so strange for a new person to come in now. mel is obviously really threatened my her, which is quite amusing.

my fave is still anna, whom i think i lovely and very genuine. my opinion of craig has been much improved since his tactful handling of the nick saga.

i really want anna to win.

blimey, can you tell i'm a sad addict or WHAT???