Hi Sweetie!!

I had a lase from the BB but now i am back into it. I still think that although Nick was a rat (i agree on that one) he went on the show for a reason (to get rich/famous) and now he may be on of the most remembered one's. I think he comes across as a mother's boy though

I didn't like Craig but now i think he is ok, his accent *REALLY* gets on my nerves but he seems one of the most down to earth ones.

As for Tom, i really dislike him more than anything.......there is just something about him that i dislike...can't quite put my finger on it......just he seems to have got too big for his boots and now thinks he is IN with the gang!! That prob makes no sense!!!!

I don't think it is right bringing in someone new though, i mean if she won there would be a really fuss as she hadn't run the whole course and been with everyone from the start.

Can you tell i have NO social life at the mo!!!