Wow. Ive had nasty comments about my hair only recently (during middle school). That was when I started straightening my hair. I love my hair curly, and I was pretty much experimenting when I straightened it. Heres some of the things I was told. (By my "best friend" nonetheless.)

1. "You have a big frizzy mop, I could clean the floor with your head."
That was her comment when I had great, shiny, beautiful hair days. Argh.

2. "You need to straighten your hair more. You look loads better."
Personally, I think I look okay with straight hair, but its not as great as my natural hair.

3. "Buy this product and that, its what I use to get my hair nice and frizz free."
Whatever. If drowned rat, is your style, Ill keep my frizz.

4. "My hair is so easy to handle and do things with, unlike yours."
What. The. Crap. She must not know much about curly hair and I pity her.

Its safe to say we arent "best" friends anymore.