I am addicted to this programme!!!!
I love it!!!

I couldn't believe how Nick reacted when they all found out about his cheating. By crying in his room i think he was hoping they would take pity on him and forgive and let him stay and i'm soooooo glad he's gone!

I really hate Darren I think he is sooooo annoying. And the other day when the others heard his nominations, i thought wot he did was really bad, saying that he wanted to change his nominations cos Melanie was crying. I mean, if why did he vote for her in the first place, he wouldn't have thought twice about it if she hadn't began crying her eyes out.

I think either Anna or Craig will win and because i think that viewers will want Melanie to go even though most of the housemates seem to like her. I think Anna deserves to win because shes seems really nice and down to earth, however a couple of the lads that have left have said that she isn't all that she seems. Also i'm glad Claire has gone cos she wouldn't have deserved to win at all.

I really like CRaig though, i think he's dead sexy and i love his accent, although i'd still like Anna to win