When he cut my hair last month he had mentioned he wasn't sure if he'd be there the next time I came in. So I gave him my email...well, I just received an email that he left and is now at Mario Diab Salon...

This is to inform you that Carlos is no longer at Devachan Salon as of August 28th due to some personal and political reasons. But if you are still interested in having him as your stylist, he is now located at: Mario Diab Salon
62 Crosby Street
Btw Spring + Broome
Lower Level of The Mezzanine Spa
(212) 226 - 6595
So please feel free to call us for your next appointment or stop by the new location to visit and check out the salon, or go to WWW.MarioDiab.Com for more info. Carlos would like to thank those, for giving him the opportunity and knowledge of experiencing all the various textures of curls. And lets not forget, those amazing conversations and laughter.
Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

Hmmm, I wonder if his prices will be any cheaper. I can't see following him to another salon though. I go to Devachan because I like that they use the products on me and that they're CG. I like knowing that my curls are safe there! I guess I'll have to find someone new. Does anyone have a favorite stylist at Devachan? I need someone for cut and highlights! I currently go to Vida but she's very expensive as well.
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