I'm hoping I don't rain on anyone's parade (it will cause frizz! hee hee) but I found the person that was hardest on my curls was ME! My fave baby pic of myself has me standing buck naked in a pair of my mom's heels with HUGE Diana Ross hair...I lost my curls around the age of 7 and they returned at 15 (ahhh hormones) and I had NO IDEA what to do with them. I hated everything about my big, frizzy mess. It wasn't until my curly head friend took me under her wing that I figured it out! I still blow dried and flatironed for a long time after that in the wintertime (It's too cold to go out with wet hair here half of the year!) and almost everyone I knew missed my curls. I have quite a few guy friends who loooooove a girl with curls and would just shake their heads when I straightened mine out. So maybe there is hope for all the non-curlies out there!
3a/b CG since 2009