thanks for the congrats! and the hair stuff!

i don't think it's hormones...probably contributes to me giving up on my hair a lot faster then i normally would, though! hahahaha.

i had a much better hair day today. the new thing i did?
i used elucence conditioner, rinsed out all the way, put a blob back in, flipped over and did a super quick rinse, then applied my B&A like normal, plopped, and diffused.

normally i rinse out my conditioner all the way, and put some Aveda elixir back in or i put a pea sized dot of elucence back in...but i started reading more about how much everyone loves leaving in more conditioner under the biosilk hard rock gel...and i remembered how awesome pixiecurl's hair looks and she leaves hers in...and how awesome plink's hair is, and she leaves her's in....
so i left some in today! and i have nice bouncy spirals! well....more spirally then normal! hahahaha it looks pretty good still, and it's the end of the day!

maybe my hair slump is over?!?!?! then again.....i'm sure it'll look frumpy tomorrow because i'll be lazy and put it in a ponytail again! hahahaha
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....