Wow, it's crazy to hear how many negative comments everyone has gotten! The only time I was 'teased' about my hair was when I was younger. My mom didn't know how to manage my curliness and would just french braid it. By the end of the day it would be a huge mess so my brother and sister would call me 'chia-pet.' I do remember going to get my hair done probably 4 or 5 years ago and the hairdresser was overwhelmed (I had super long hair at that time, straightened it would be 5-6 inches past my shoulders). He had no clue what to do when he was straightening it after my cut. He was like, "wow, you have A LOT of hair, you must hate it!" I just rolled my eyes and ignored him. Every other stylist i've been to has been jealous of my hair, though. Too bad they don't know how to style it and always want to put mousse in my hair and fluff it up after they are done. No, no! Keep your fingers out of my hair.