Maybe I was lucky?

My acne was worse looking than my frizzy hair, so I heard more pimple-face remarks than frizzy ones. It didn't matter, because between the frizzy/curly hair, the acne and my flat chest someone was always making fun of me or picking on me or bullying me. I couldn't wait to get out of high school. When I was older, I did my best to straighten my hair (never chemically, though). In the late fall and winter (and on rare non-humid days in spring and summer) I always looked great--smooth shiny dark hair. But in the summer? Bummer. There were just no options then.

Finally, GE came out with the first hair straightening tool...saved the day for me. There was NOTHING you could even put in your hair to keep if from frizzing then, so even if you straightened it out, if it rained or the humidity went above 68%, you were screwed. Yes, many comments from school days remain hurtful and affect our self esteem for years to come. This is sad, but unfortunately true. I think now that I am one-year short of a 1/2 a century old, I'm gonna go for the wild look. I think I can pull it off. We'll see.