LOL! I know just how you feel. People ask me what I'm mixed with and I'm like black and black . When I was younger and I used to wear my hair straight girls would pull it from the back and then ask if I had a weave. You just can't win for lose. It used to really piss me off, then I decided everyone was jealous and I've finally settled on ignorance in my wise old years, LOL! At one point I got so tired of it that I chopped it all off. For years I had a short Halle Berry cut.

Now when I get this response from people I try to ignore it. I still get asked if I have a weave/wig/perm/s-curl and/or native american/white/hispanic/belizian blood, LOL! I'm learning to love my hair and damn anyone who has a problem with it! haha
"You can trust a dishonest person to be dishonest....honestly" -Capt. Jack Sparrow
Mostly 3c with some 3b mixed in for good measure