I think I've heard them all. One guy told me that he wanted to turn me upside down and dip my head in paint and use my hair to spongepaint his house. That kinda hurt, and my friends still laugh about it. Just last week someone told me I had a "Jew-fro", I thought that kinda sucked. When I was little my Mom would keep it short because it was so hard to manage, so of course the kids called me "Little Orphan Annie".

But I try to look on the bright side of things. Now I (usually) gets lots of compliments, and it takes less than ten minutes to do my hair. I only was it every other day, and when I wake up in the morning, it looks pretty much the same as it did as the night before. So that takes me about 2 minutes to do my hair then!
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how old were those people? those sound like things a 5 year old would say, i cant believe that a grown man would say that crap
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Oh they were grown men alright!
3B and proud of it!