I had a similar problem when I was texturizing my hair. There are few solutions that I can think of off the top of my poof

1) Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper:
A bit pricey but it always contained the frizz. Applied when soaking wet. Could give a lil' crunch but nothing too bad

2)Fantasia IC Polisher:

When your hair is almost totally dry, I suggest mixing a small amount of polisher with a leave-in conditioner. The polisher is heavy enough to coax the frizz into the clump where it belongs I think this would also work with Smooth-n-Shine's Polisher as well as Curlfriends Shine Polisher

3)Fantasia IC Styling Gel Polisher w/ Sparklelites
Warning: This can dry crispy but on loose waves like yours (you have EXACTLY my hair I think), just place some gel in your hand, mix with water and then rake through the loose waves. They will clump beautifully with minimal frizz BUT they will not curl until it dries so don't be discouraged

Those are my tips and I hope they help!
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