LOL! I know just how you feel. People ask me what I'm mixed with and I'm like black and black

I still get asked if I have a weave/wig/perm/s-curl and/or native american/white/hispanic/belizian blood
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Oh yeah, I've been charged with being everything but black too! My favorite one in highschool was, "What are you? Mixed or something? You can't be all black".

Really, I've heard it my whole life and usually I just laugh at them, but today was the straw that broke the camels back! Of course I'm battling a cold and that has me a bit on the irritable side, but that's still no excuse for "ignant" comments. They need to stop sweatin' me, get a life and worry about their own D@%n heads....... Ok I feel better now

Thanks fellow curlies....I love y'all :grouphug:grouphug.gif
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