i get that all the time! mostly from teachers

"is your hair like that naturally?" "did you get a perm?" "is that wut ur natural hair is like?" "how do you gat ur hair like that?"

the funniest incident is the kids i babysit

kid: y do u perm ur hair
me: i don't
kid: so how did it get so curly?
me: i was born that way
kid: so wen u came out of ur mommy ur hair was like that?
me: yes
next visit
kid: it must have taken a long time 4 ur mom to curl all of ur hair like that
me: she didn't
kid: who did
me: no1 i was born that way
kid: but how can sum1 b born with curly hair?
me: u were born with str8 hair so y can't i b born with curly hair?

she still duznt get the fact that ppl can have natural curls
lol she will sum day