I get the are you mixed thing all the time. Even though I am, people have no right to think they can ask me that out of the blue. Like even before I got the relaxer I am currently growing out people would ask cause I dont look "black"and when I sigh and say yes I am mixed they get this look on thier face which makes me think I should be happy that I am mixed and I should be happy that they asked me.Like I remember one time this girl came up to me and said

girl: are you mixed
me: why
girl: cause i want to know
me: you dont need to know ( giving her a crazy look)
girl: you are mixed i knew it ( sucking her teeth)
me: whatever
girl( talks to her friend and says that I think I am better then her cause I am mixed and has good hair)

Now this whole thing was before I got a relaxer and It makes me really mad cause they think just cause I am mixed I have to be mean and stuck up.I have been dismissed for so many reasons and most of them stem form me being mixed and having curly hair.I am really tired of people who think they can come up and say anything and I will be fine with and be happy that they asked me. But whatever I am strarting to rant so I will stop here and cool down.
i think i may have found my HG. Its suave firm control gel the biloge not off and john fridia curls and swirls i am sooooooooooo happy my search is over