Has anyone else been dismissed as a natural because they have natually curly hair?
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When I was relaxed and wore my curly wash and go's all I heard was "If I had hair like yours there's no way I'd relax it". Now that I'm natural all I hear is " Did you jheri curl your hair?"
People thinking I have a texturizer or jherri curl really bothers me. I have thought about why it bothers me so much and I think it has to do with the fact that I transitioned for 14 months and am so happy to finally be all natural. So, it's really annoying when people refuse to believe that my curly hair is not chemically altered.

When I polity tell them I just cut the relaxer out of it, they look at me like I have two heads and then reply "And your hair does that naturally?" the smiley indicates the look that goes with their question/ comment as if to say 'yeah right'. WTF???
Yes, it's also annoying to be treated with suspicion about my hair, as if a black person with curly hair belongs in the category of pigs flying.

Just because my hair is curly doesn't mean I have to alter it with a chemical. Why do I have to face teeth sucking and rolling eyes because God made me this way. It just doesn't make sense how critical and judgemental people can sometimes be. SOrry but I had to get this off of my chest this morning :x
I hear ya, girl. Just enjoy your hair and don't let it get to you. You have beautiful curls!
3b/c, fine hair, low porosity. Had dreadlocks for three years and combed them out a year ago. Currently letting my hair grow...