I started the SB diet approx. one year ago to try and shed the excess baby weight that would not budge. I am 5"4 and May 2004 I was 161 lbs. which is a lot for me. The Dr. even wanted to check my thyroid to make sure nothing was wrong (before pregnancy, I was 128lbs). My last physical was the end of July and I weighed in at 125lbs!!!! I still follow SB very loosely. It's the best!!! I also work out at least 3 times per week for approx. 45 mins. (with two little ones, I just cannot squeeze in any more time). Good luck to everyone on this diet. Now, for me, this is no longer a diet but my lifestyle.
My hair is naturally a combination of 3B/3C. No longer texturized. All natural! CG Routine: Devapoo, One condition or Elucence. Loving curl creams: AG Recoil, Mop Curl Cream, KMS Curl Cream and never without CK. Gels: HE SMU and KCCC with a little BRHG on top.