Sadly, I didn't get the right gel.
I thought i picked up the gel with sparklelites, instead I got IC pomade.
IC pomade? can't say too much about it. I ended up putting it into my "try-another-day" product box...

Today however, I saw A:G recoil. And I was scared. I am a product junkie. I can't help it.

I saw it. I pondered over it. then.... I purchased it.

I love it!!!!!

Yea. A:G recoil ain't no joke. I added it with my curl activator, and s-curl wave gel, and yes, my hair is nicely wavy-curly. (i've only tried it in the front of my head so far, and that's the hardest area to curl on my head... it doesn't do anything, while the rest of my head makes spirals.)

Yes. maybe tomorrow, when i test it out again, I'll hate my concoction,
but tonight?
2 thumbs up!
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