I've been interested in henna for a while, but I've been too lazy to try it. I was wondering if the henna helped at all with hair growth?
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I haven't heard about henna stimulating growth. But it does strengthen hair, so it may help retain growth. Some of the ladies on the henna board said that it helps to split-proof their hair.

If it thickens hair I want to try some...I just don't want the adverse effects of using it with color treated hair. I guess I'll give the cassia a try...when I'm feeling less lazy. Its hard enough for me to do a DT every week.
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100% pure henna is supposed to be good for color-treated hair. But you should always do a strand test, and read up in the henna forum first. But it might me a good idea to start with cassia. Depending on your hair, it can take either one or two cassias to see results.
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