Have you read the CG book by Lorraine Massey? Sounds like you would benefit from reading it!
Do you shampoo regularly? If it is very dry, than you may consider ditching the poo altogether which is what CG advocats as do many NC ladies here. I personally need to poo every 3 days or my scalp gets very/noticeable greasy.
You need to find a good conditioner, one that works well for your hair and use that in place of poo. Also a DT every week would help too.
Stay here and read around, you'll start to get the idea! I'm new too and still figuring it all out, but am light years ahead of where I was a month ago!
3a/b fine but lots of it!
HG's:BRHG, AG Re:Coil, LOVING Curls Ecstasy Hair Tea Condish!

My 6 y/o dd drew it!